We've given thousands of kids & teens fun and empowering experiences through Music, Movement & Rhythm.


We discovered that the true secret to raising healthy kids is simple:

          1. engage them

          2. keep them engaged!

By engaging them in this cutting-edge fusion of activities, kids have a completely new flavour of FUN

..........while we tap into their strength and creativity.

And, you don't have to leave the house.

Mannie, Mother to 12 yr old Drayce

“I’ve tried conventional activities for my son in the past, even Ninja Parks for fun. Didn’t work out for him. He wasn't motivated or having fun. When he joined this challenge, it worked for him since day 1. " 


BUILDS Coordination & Fitness 

GENERATES a rush of feel-good endorphins 

FUN and Adventurous experiences

BOOSTS confidence 

ACTIVATES the right and left brain

LEARN a completely new skill set 

  • 15 lessons, 20 minutes each
  • Introductory Course
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Downloadable drumsticks
  • 3 months of on-demand membership
  • Video Guided Activities for DIY drumsticks and DIY juggling balls
  • Leads to students knowing a 3-minute Rhythm-Fitness-Music routine
  • Simple to use- no parents required!

What's in the Challenge?

How much does it cost? 

 It's the same price if you have 1 kid...or 15 kids

$138 $68.99  per household 

(Special ends 31/01/2023)

Trish Farrally, 


"All 3 of my kids can't stop talking about this Rhythm-Fitness challenge. It's literally the best thing they've done these holidays. "

Kylie Farr, 

Rockin' Momma

"I was looking for something for my kids and found Drum Corp and I knew immediately I wanted this for my kids. We’ve done it for 3 weeks and loving every part of it."

We are playing our part in creating a fresh and healthy new culture of humans who are empowered to reach their highest potential, and to take joy in every step of that journey.

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What You Can Expect From The Rhythm-Fitness Challenge

Everything is taught visually and interactively. Kids learn everything they need to know in the 10-minute Intro Video. Kids simply log in & press play, using rolled up paper for sticks and a table or chair as a drum.....but they learn all of that in the Intro Video. After that, all they do is press play....and immerse themselves! 

Every lesson video includes progressively learned rhythms, cool tricks, movements and rhythm games along with fresh music and visual effects. Thanks to the on-demand membership, kids can complete the Challenge in 1 week at home, or over several months.

  • A combination of learning rhythms, tricks & movements with music

  • Fresh and original songs in every lesson - you won't hear it anywhere else

  • On-demand membership: do lessons any time, any where
  • Use home materials (ie. rolled up paper for sticks, back of a couch as a drum)
  • Beginner & Intermediate Levels
  • Ages 8-14

Just Press Play 







Gift Special (ends 31/01/2023)



Here's the BOTTOM LINE:

If you're looking for the ultimate gift for kids, or you just want to give them something fun and different to do at home these holidays, then the Rhythm-Fitness challenge is perfect. 

We've designed and created a complete program ready to go. They're engaged, they're entertained, they're healthy, and they're having FUN...all in one go. No equipment (or parents!) needed. All they do is press play...and immerse themselves. 

1 membership can be used for an entire household.

My name is Col Hatchman.


I'm one of the 2 Co-Founders at the Rhythm-Fitness company Drum Corp, a Full-Scale Mental & Physical Coordination Training Program.

And for the last 35 years I’ve been studying, performing, and teaching Rhythm-Fitness, Movement and Peak Performance.


Now, after teaching more than 10,000 kids & teens in face-to-face lessons over the last 20 years + having kids myself, here’s what surprised me…


I discovered that the true secret of raising and educating healthy kids is simple…first you engage them….and then keep them engaged! 


So you see, by simply keeping them highly engaged in a specific fusion of activities, we not only improve their overall mental health, raise self esteem and make cognitive advances, we also nurture the development of their fine and gross motor skills. 



Further.. this sets kids up to unlock their full potential in life. 


Here's how.


As soon as we connect specific areas of the body and mind, all of the other areas of life begin to fall into alignment, schoolwork improves, anxiety eases, concentration and focus becomes enhanced.



Our one single mission in this world is to help tweens and teens achieve their full potential in school, and in life…to become the best possible version of themselves.


It’s totally possible, and we want to give you the tools to begin. 

...And the best news? It's ridiculously fun!!

Program  Benefits 

Kim Morrow, Teacher

“This program gets our kids to do things that I’ve never ever imagined they could do before. It's improved their health and their mentality. They’re more motivated and more inspired to do things they never thought they could do.”

All you need is 2 hands and a heartbeat 

Drum Corp Copyright 2020 ©

Rhythm-Fitness-Music is a Drum Corp product.

Col Hatchman

Mel Allwood

About Us

Col is an international performer & touring drummer, and Mel is a professionally trained dancer, fitness instructor and musician. From the time they were 13 years old, both Col and Mel have been teaching school-aged students, and both with an unusual approach.

When these two were brought together, their unique passions and talents combined to make Rhythm-Fitness-Music.


For the last 15 years Drum Corp has transformed the world of education for over 100,000 primary school students within schools. While we continue to serve school classrooms, we are extending our reach into every family home.


We endeavour to bring colour and a sense of adventure into education, for both Teachers and Students. We endeavour to bring playfulness and empowerment into personal health and fitness, and encourage our global community to thrive.

Through providing accessible and affordable programs, our content can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.  All you need is 2 hands and a heartbeat. 

Why Music?

Why Rhythm?

Why Fitness?

  • ​​Therapeutic for anxiety, grief, fatigue and depression
  • Activates both sides of the brain
  • Develops confidence and a 'growth mindset' 

  • Elevates Mood, Relieves Stress & Increases Energy
  • Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection
  • Boosts Immunity and Builds Strength & Endurance

  • Stimulates Endorphins that relieve stress, ease pain and generate positivity 
  • Promotes Rapid Brain Growth
  • Raises IQ


Dr Malachi Ghee (Child Psychologist):

“So may of my kids changed from being anxious all the time to happy-go-lucky”

Summer Doucette (Child Fitness Expert)

“The coordination training in this program alone really should be adopted by every school”


Alison Ligler (Classroom Teacher)

“My kids shifted from being totally hyperactive to focused. We are getting through so much more”

By combining these 3 elements into 1 FUN program....we connect the dots quickly !!

Makes sense right?

the SIMPLE way to look at it

Why should you listen to us ?

ZERO Equipment Required

Step-By-Step Instruction

Diana, Mom

“This program is incredible!! Chrissie had so much fun and she's more fit, more focused and she’s learnt some new skills she never thought she could do."

Jake, 13

“I've done the challenge twice and it's my favourite sport at the moment. I got really good at it." 

The kids in your life are one gift away from something FUN and DIFFERENT they've never done before... 

Join the thousands of happy kids in the At-Home Rhythm-Fitness Challenge 

"The Rhythm-Fitness Challenge"

Something Totally FUN & Different That Kids Can Do At Home!!

Why Rhythm?

  • ​​A powerful & fun outlet
  • Activates both sides of the brain ​
  • Develops confidence and a 'growth mindset' 

Why Fitness?

  • Elevates Mood & Increases Energy
  • Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection
  • Boosts Immunity

Why Music?

  • Stimulates happy endorphins 
  • Promotes Rapid Brain Growth​
  • Raises IQ

Rhythms that engage

Music that connects

Movements that activate


is the Rhythm-Fitness Challenge?

A 15-lesson Challenge that gives kids ridiculously fun & refreshing experiences at home. They learn to play different rhythms, tricks and moves along to pumping music and visual effects. They're engaged, they're entertained, they're healthy & they're having fun....all in 1 go. 

No equipment (or parents!) needed. 

No experience 

No skill

No equipment


does it work?

1. Kids roll up some paper (sticks) and stand behind a couch/table/chair


2. Kids press play - any device


3. Kids get immersed in a 20-minute blast of rhythms, tricks, pumping music and visual effects



The 10-minute intro video sets kids up with everything they need to know to get started and do it on their own. Ages 8-14



+ Happier 

+ Healthier 

+ Engaged

AND, after 15 lessons, they’ll know an entire routine of Rhythm-Fitness tricks….like the kids in this performance