By Drum Corp

What is it:

We come to your school for weekly sessions over 8 consecutive weeks in the term (1x per week). These 30-minute sessions have students locked in to playing group rhythms, drumstick tricks, playing along to current music, and interacting with each other in rhythm games....and all while doing coordinated jumps and movements.

The sessions are a highly engaging, fun & physically activating 30 minute blast using bucket drums, pipe sticks and pumping music. It offers a range of long-term benefits and students are invigorated & uplifted by the experience. We locate the sessions in a school hall or designated classroom. All equipment is supplied by Drum Corp. Want a final showcase for your school? Talk to us about it. 

*Program can be modified to run for 6 weeks

Benefits of Rhythm-Fitness: 

Rhythm-Fitness sessions stimulate multiple areas of the brain while catering to diverse learning styles, enhancing cognitive function, memory retention, and problem-solving skills. Aside from promoting engagement, creativity, and self-expression, students experience a range of long-term benefits: 

  • Increased focus- active learning strengthens neural connections, resulting in an increased ability to sustain attention
  • Enhanced Mood and behaviour- as students learn to channel energy constructively in fun physical activity
  • Mind-to-body coordination- which in turn leads to improved concentration and better overall learning outcomes
  • Social interaction and skills - are enhanced through a shared activity
  • Fun, Alert & Relaxed- dopamine levels are increased, which in turn enhances memory retention, cognitive function, and focus, ultimately making students smarter and more effective learners

Your Instructor:

Col Hatchman is the vivacious inventor and original instructor of the inspiring Drum Corp programs, world class touring and recording drummer (Screaming Jets / Nat Col & the Kings) and Guinness World Records “Loudest drummer on Earth”. Col’s been sparking up the education sector for 18 years, created major performance opportunities for students, and nurtured the genuine wellbeing 10,000+ students that have come through the Drum Corp programs.

Cost for 8 Week Program:

Normal --------------------- $120/student (+gst)  

150+ students ---------- $110/student

300+ students ---------- $80/student

What’s next:

1. Email us- support@drumcorp.com

2. We organise the days and times for the sessions

3. Drum Corp comes to your school


E: support@drumcorp.com


Key Points:  

  • 8 x 30 minute sessions, 1 per week
  • 20-45 students per session
  • Can be utilised for school sport
  • Long-term benefits include: focus, fitness, mind-body coordination, fun & uplifting
  • Engaging way to learn
  • Amazing Instructor
  • NEW tiered pricing options
  • Parents or school pay
  • If parents pay, Creative Kids Vouchers can be used


For 18 years Drum Corp’s Rhythm-Fitness programs have been trusted by over 90 schools across NSW. Our specialty programs offer a unique approach to active learning that is as therapeutic as it is fun. 

Each session builds on students' focus, fitness and coordination....while keeping them completely engaged and having fun. The sessions have students locked in to doing jumps and movements while playing group rhythms, drumstick tricks and rhythm games along to music. There are 2 options for students: "BLAST" and "8 WEEKS".




Approved by 90+ NSW schools

"As we strive to prepare our students for a future of diverse challenges and opportunities, Rhythm-Fitness offers a dynamic and effective way of elevating education through fitness, focus and fun. Our students have had a very positive response to the program. We highly recommend this program to every school community.”    

Peter Edmonds, Principal @ Morpeth Public School